Next up: Shakespeare’s King John at the Union Theatre

November 22, 2011

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be lighting a production of the rarely-performed Shakespearean play King John at the Union Theatre in January 2012.

Produced by The Steam Industry and directed by Phil Wilmott, we have reassembled much of the production group behind last year’s hugely popular production of Shakespeare’s “lost” play Double Falsehood.

From the press release: “Combining the sweep of Henry V, the pitch black humour of Richard III, and all the court intrigue of Elsinore, King John is the story of a desperate monarch who will stop at nothing – lies, murder, even outright war – to strengthen his weakening grip on the kingdoms of England and France.”

Although the authenticity of King John is not in doubt (as was the case with Double Falsehood), King John is a decidedly neglected part of the Shakespearean canon, and it will be a unique chance to see “a powerful, fast moving study of a monarchy in meltdown,” which hasn’t been performed in London since the RSC production over a decade ago.

Performances run Tuesday through Sunday, January 17 to February 11, 2012.
Tickets are available now from the Union theatre box office by calling 020 7261 9876 or online via ticketsource.

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